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Our goal is to create smart, successful investors by spreading knowledge about quantitative investing. To that end, we're committed to ongoing research that is held to the highest academic standard. This research is distilled in our educational resources, which cover the current innovations and debates in quantitative investing, all in a highly accessible format.

About Our Knowledge

SmartBe’s educational content is produced by our quantitative experts. The research and white papers are the work of Drs. Elisabetta Basilico and Tommi Johnsen, our resident academics. The Smart Investment Journeys Podcast is hosted by SmartBe CEO Rod Heard, and features guests such as Meb Faber and Corey Hoffstein.

We also draw from the knowledge of our partners, Drs. Wesley Gray (who studied under Nobel Prize winning economist Eugene Fama at the University of Chicago) and Jack Vogel as well as Dr. Jin Choi, who is investigating the applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence to quantitative investing.



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