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Table stakes planning, levelling the playing field and finding a niche.

Having inherited his book from his former boss, Sam's journey led him to focus on planning, advance his career to become discretionary, engage with the fintwit crowd of quantitative PhD's and develop his niche client group of technology entrepreneurs in Greater Toronto. Join Art and Rod for an informative discussion with many insights on how to become a successful advisor in Canada.

Podcast details

02:30 Financial planning is the foundation of everything

08:30 Expectations and the Investment Policy Statement (IPS)

12:05 Discretion makes for robust rebalancing

14:30 Journey to rules

17:30 Adopting ETFs

19:00 Factors and sill

22:20 Benefits to young investors

26:15 Adopting a philosophy

27:45 Finding your niche

31:00 Differentiation

35:45 Incentives and motivation

40:00 Finding your voice

44:20 Summary take away's

About Sam

Sam Rook Headshot.jpg

I am a Toronto-based Associate Portfolio Manager and Wealth Advisor with RBC Dominion Securities. I help people plan, protect and invest for all their financial goals.

I have worked in wealth management for over 15 years and help business owners, foundations and high net worth families across Canada. With a strong focus on financial planning as the foundation for every part of a client’s financial life, I am committed to helping you meet your goals now and in the future.

I strongly believe that having a long term and global focus for your investment portfolio can make all the difference in helping you reach the goals that matter most to you and your family.

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